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How To Fail With Elizabeth Day Podcast Live: Kristen Roupenian

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Author of viral sensation Cat Person Kristen Roupenian joins journalist Elizabeth Day for the first ever live recording of the How to Fail with Elizabeth Day podcast to discuss Kristen’s debut collection of short stories You Know You Want This.

Following on the phenomenal success of Cat Person—the true-to-life short story that spread like wildfire after being published in the New Yorker—Kristen Roupenian returns with You Know You Want This, a shocking collection examining the polar magnets of revulsion and attraction and the dark narratives that underpin our daily lives.

Sitting down with author and podcaster Elizabeth Day, she will examine the bad dates, difficult relationships and failures that have shaped her career—and suggest new ways to deal with life's unexpected events—during an exclusive episode of How To Fail with Elizabeth Day, recorded live at Charing Cross Road.