London bookshops

Yes yes yes, this probably doesn't really count. But there are so many wonderful bookshops in London that we just wanted to mention a few of our favourites. 

Judd Books

Image-1 (2).png

A stone's throw from the British Library, this gem of a second-hand bookshop is situated directly opposite the place where Mary and Percy Shelley used to live. It feels like one big pile of books when you walk in, but on closer inspection it's pretty well ordered. Great prices on a limited selection of new books, fair prices on a good selection of second hand books. Time doesn't exist here.


Possibly London's best bookshop. 5 floors of books which feels like every single one every printed, a nice cafe and frequent events on the sixth floor. Somehow they exhibit their books as if they're just for you, every single time. London wouldn't be the same without it.

Herne Hill Books

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Not a huge selection, but so carefully selected it's an absolute joy. Visit on a Sunday, spend half an hour reading the back of every single book they have for sale, spend another half an hour choosing which to buy, then wander through Herne Hill market and don't even bother trying to avoid the raclette at the other side. Then wander towards the park and cross the road to The Parlour, and settle in with your new book. Heaven.