London, by Holly Clacey

i found you on a tuesday

just a quiet afternoon

beneath a creaking willow

and a thousand twisting hands


your lights tickled my edges

a kaleidoscope of grace

i was weary and welcome

in your electric waste


you wove art between my elbows

spread your books beneath my feet

whistling windows and markets

and rumbles of fate


your soul span through my teeth

dropping rain onto the tongues

of tower blocks and palaces

and rusting bandstands


i was blind inside the motion

of your thudding daily rhyme

wrapped up in stolen silence

plodding sideways, line by line


i sang inside your shadows

tracing fingers through your veins

pulling chances from the lampposts

and quivers from my mind


you held me for a moment

my road and rail and stream

and now i am your echo

a city never seen.